Thursday, July 31, 2008

THE BOXER AND THE SPY by Robert B. Parker

Murder, romance, boxing, and mystery all rolled into one fast-paced read. Adult fiction author Robert B. Parker has taken a second journey into the world of YA ficiton.

Terry and Abby seem to be the only ones who doubt that Jason Green actually abused steroids and then committed suicide by jumping off a bridge. It just doesn't sound like Jason, and Terry is determined to find out the truth. He can't do it alone so he is happy when Abby volunteers to lend him a hand. Secretly, he hopes he'll also get to hold that hand somewhere along the way to discovering Jason's murderer.

When people learn that Terry is checking into the tragic death of his fellow classmate, several people step forward with threats if he continues. Kip Carter All-American football hero aka school bully tells Terry he better back off. Mr. Bullard who holds the unique dual position of high school principal and school superintendent also warns Terry to let it go. The threats just encourage Terry and Abby in their quest to uncover the real story.

Abby uses her connections and expertise as the spy of the operation. Terry works with George his trainer to hone his boxing skills should any physical situations arise. What follows are some interesting stake-outs and some bloody battles as the two face an uphill challenge to clear the name of Jason Green.

Readers of all skill levels will find the short chapters and the abundant use of dialogue will make the reading of this book fast and easy. The mix of mystery, humor, and romance will appeal to many. I look forward to reading other YA books by Parker.

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