Saturday, July 12, 2008

GO LONG! by Tiki & Ronde Barber with Paul Mantell

GO LONG! is a middle school football story starring Tiki and Ronde Barber as young, up and coming players. Tiki and Ronde draw on their early years in the sport to encourage young people to use their talents and play the game with a sense of fair play and teamwork.

The story begins as Tiki and Ronde start their 8th grade year. They are anxious to take the field as starters this year, but the coach upsets the entire team when he announces that he is moving up to coach the high school team. The players nervously await the naming of their new coach. It is a surprise to all when history teacher, Mr. Wheeler, is given the job. He is a terrific teacher, but that doesn’t guarantee anything about his coaching skills.

When the first few games end in defeat, Tiki and Ronde doubt the new coach has what it takes to create a winning team. Besides, Cody, the team’s quarterback, is also out of control. Cody argues with Coach Wheeler and questions his every move causing team morale to sink to an all-time low. It is not until Tiki and a few loyal players take the time to get to know Coach Wheeler and his plans for the team that things start to look more positive for a winning season.

GO LONG! presents a positive message of cooperation and team spirit, and that along with a strong plot line and likeable characters make it a book that won’t gather much dust on the shelf.


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This book is super. It teaches a lesson to be a good sport

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i like this book alot teacher should read this to there kids

TheeMan said...

This is a really great book, especially since you can see how they both started their careers as football players.
Overall good book.