Thursday, July 24, 2008

HOLDUP by Terri Fields

Some people find books with multiple POVs confusing, but I love 'em. In HOLDUP alternating chapters give glimpses into the minds of the entire cast of characters. With this setup the reader becomes invested in everyone, creating a personal attachment to even the most minor of characters.

Author Terri Fields set the scene well. It's Burger Heaven, a local fast food chain. The characters are basically employees or customers. They are connected to Burger Heaven for various reasons. Here are a few. Jordan, an honors student, needs money for college. Alex needs money for simple survival, and it doesn't hurt that a few of his fellow employees might be attractive. Manuel needs money for a set of wheels, and his paycheck is the only way that's ever going to happen. Mrs. Wilkins is eighty-something and sees Burger Heaven as a destination in her desire to maintain her independence from an over-protective daughter. Keith hopes to find the care and kindness he lacks at home.

Added to this cast of characters is Dylan. He sees himself as highly intelligent and out to make some fast money for the business venture of his dreams. Dylan doesn't care about anyone but Dylan, and Burger Heaven is simply along the path to what he wants. His actions will cause reactions in the lives of all the other characters. Will the reactions caused by his decisions be positive or negative?

Readers should be patient as the opening pages reveal each of the characters. Learning about their motivations, their hopes and dreams, creates the emotional foundation for the story. The reader is soon rewarded when the characters' lives merge into the fateful Saturday night at Burger Heaven that changes them all. Beware! HOLDUP is slightly over 150 pages and might suck you into a one-night read, but you won't regret it.


terri said...

Thanks so much for the nice comments about my book! Much appreciated! Please feel free to stop by my website, and then email me if you want to set up an email or video chat with your class about the book or being an author.


PS I have a new book coming out in September called My Father's Son. I hope you enjoy it too.

terri said...

Thanks for the nice comments! I'm so glad you enjoyed my book! Please feel free to email me. Maybe we can set up something this fall in the way of a video or email with your students. Terri Fields (

ps I have a new book called My Father's Son, which will be out in th next few weeks.