Wednesday, August 13, 2008

LOCKDOWN by Diane Tullson

LOCKDOWN by Diane Tullson is about a situation that is unfortunately becoming all too common today - school shootings. Josh is the kid who is different. He's the kid who blends in. He is also the kid who stutters and is the butt of frequent jokes. One day it is all too much and he snaps.

Adam tells Josh's story. They worked together in class once, and Adam recognizes the real Josh. When it becomes obvious that Josh is the gunman terrorizing the school, Adam attempts to intervene.

Although I would have appreciated a bit more plot development, this short novel (103 pgs.) highlights the issues of bullying and teasing and the dramatic and often tragic results. Those readers looking for a quick read about a current problem will find LOCKDOWN worth their time.


kylogger said...

Hi! Thank you for the book summary, it helped me alot.THX again!

kathyy:) said...

i loved that book . :)