Sunday, August 24, 2008


All who hate writing the dreaded "thank you" note will love Moxy Maxwell and her wacky take on the subject. Peggy Gifford's new book is a great pick for the 9-12 age group.

Moxy and her twin brother Mark are excited about their upcoming trip to Hollywood. They are going to visit their father who is considered to be a "big mover and shaker" in the Hollywood scene. They haven't seen him in three years, a fact that greatly distresses their mother. That's sort of what has Moxy confused. Her mother wants them to make this important visit, but at the same time, she is insisting that Moxy write all her Christmas thank yous in one day before she leaves.

Thank you notes seem incredibly pointless to Moxy. Since Granny George lives with them, she sees her every day, but when Moxy tells Granny thank you verbally, her mother says she will still need to write a thank you note. She says it is the polite thing to do. So Moxy starts the tedious process, but she soon begins to get ideas about ways to make the job easier.

Some of those time-saving ways involve her little sister Pansy, an off-limits, brand-new copy machine her step-father got for Christmas, a broken La-Z-Boy chair, and a can of gold spray paint. Moxy's creative ideas wreck havoc on the entire household, and surprisingly don't accomplishment much in the way of completed thank you notes.

Readers will have great fun observing Moxy's crazy schemes and shortcuts. Just as most of us feel, her ideas seem like a good idea at the time, but good ideas don't always come with good results. After reading Moxy's thank you note adventure, I'm definitely going to get a copy of her other book, MOXY MAXWELL DOES NOT LOVE STUART LITTLE.

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