Friday, August 29, 2008


Moxy Maxwell is the worldest biggest procrastinator.

In an earlier review readers learned that she does not love writing thank you notes. In this first of her adventures, readers get to watch as Moxy finds every possible way to avoid reading her summer book assignment - Stuart Little.

Mrs. Maxwell lays down the law and insists that Moxy finish the dreaded book before her big swimming performance later that evening. But Moxy just can't seem to get started. She quickly realizes that the hammock in the backyard would surely be more comfortable than her bedroom, so she heads that direction. Once there she thinks she ought to return to the kitchen for a peach - just the snack she needs to concentrate. Not being able to stop with one peach, she makes another trip back to the kitchen. It's then that she has her best idea - why not plant a peach orchard. It would probably provide enough income to pay for her college education which would be sure to please her mother and also save her from reading some silly book about a mouse.

This little book (less than 100 pages) is a fast and funny read. Moxy's adventures in procrastination will no doubt sound familiar to all of us with that nasty habit of putting things off.

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