Saturday, January 10, 2009

BROKEN WINGS by V.C. Andrews

One V.C. Andrews down and 10 to go. My first choice for the VCA Challenge (cheating a little because it really wasn't on the list) was BROKEN WINGS. It is a recent publication, so therefore, not a classic VCA. It wasn't bad though so I'll probably take the time to read the second book at some point.

There are three girls, Robin, Teal, and Phoebe, each living their own complicated lives, but destined to meet in book two.

First, there is Robin. She doesn't have a clue who her father might have been, and all she knows about her mother is that her future country singer music career is way more important than Robin. Her mother's decision to leave the family farm, the only place Robin has ever called home, and move to Nashville to find fame and fortune has Robin furious. Her grandparents have never been exactly kind to Robin since she was the product of her mother's wild sexual adventures, but at least there was some stability and three meals a day. Several brushes with the law and sneaking out to hook up with a young mechanic get Robin into some serious trouble leading her mother and her mother's current boyfriend to decide they've had enough.

Next is Teal's story. She's a little rich girl. Living in an elegant house with anything you could ask for seems like the ideal situation, but Teal longs for more. The part she feels is missing in her otherwise rich life is the love of two parents who care about her and not just about her making them look good. Her mother is busy with her charities and planning her older son's perfect wedding, and her father is busy with business and never pleased by anything Teal does. She tries to find satisfaction in rebellion - shoplifting for the fun of it, getting in trouble at the expensive private school her parents had hoped would straighten her out, and now getting involved with the hot guy she meets at the mall's pizza place. How many times can Teal sneak out, "borrow" the family SUV, and steal money from her mother's purse before her parents decide she needs more discipline than they can provide?

Last is Phoebe. Her wild mother has run off, and her father's busy travel schedule does not leave him time to properly supervise her teenage years. His answer is to ship her off to live with her mother's straitlaced sister. Now Phoebe is doing chores, going to church, and riding the school bus with whiny little brats. She would do just about anything to get some excitement back into her life. When rich boy Ashley Porter begins to show a special interest in Phoebe, she believes he might be her path to a better life. Instead he manages to ruin her reputation and make her a disgrace to the only family willing to take her in.

All three girls find themselves on their way to an isolated school designed to take bad girls and turn them into respectable members of society. The adventures will continue in MIDNIGHT FLIGHT. I will continue the VCA Challenge by beginning the Casteel series next month.

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