Wednesday, January 21, 2009

NEED by Carrie Jones

Zara’s world fell apart when her stepfather died. His sudden heart attack left her without a running partner and with feelings of guilt that she wasn’t able to save him. Now she’s moving in with her grandmother out in the wilds of Maine. Everyone is hoping a change of location will help her shake the overwhelming sadness she’s experienced since her stepfather’s death.

Life in the isolated community is quite different than city life. Everyone knows everyone else and about everyone else’s business. It doesn’t take long for Zara to make friends and enemies. Issie and Devyn quickly step up to make Zara feel welcome, while Megan and her group of popular people become almost instant enemies. Zara isn’t exactly sure how to describe good-looking Nick and attentive Ian. She is unexplainably attracted to Nick, but also fascinated by Ian.

Creepy things begin to happen. There's the appearance of the same strange man Zara began seeing back in Charleston after the death of her stepfather. He appears in random places and watches her every move. There's also the disappearance of two young boys from the small Maine community. Zara hears from her grandmother and her new friends that similar disappearances once took place years ago. They are also telling her stories about the existence of pixies. They are not the cute little innocent creatures she's heard about from the fairy tales of her younger years. These pixies are dangerous and evil creatures, and they just might be singling Zara out as their future queen.

NEED by Carrie Jones will hook readers on the first page. Even if you are not a fan of paranormal creatures like pixies, were creatures, and the like, you will find Zara's story difficult to put down. It is definitely a good pick for Twilight fans suffering from withdrawal symptoms.

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