Tuesday, February 17, 2009

FADE by Lisa McMann

The life of a dream catcher continues. FADE, the sequel to Lisa McMann's WAKE, contains even more excitement and heart-stopping action, so I can't even imagine what's in store for readers in her third book.

Once again Janie and her secret boyfriend Cabel help Captain Kominsky crack the case. This time they work undercover to unmask a sexual predator teaching at Fieldridge High School. Janie uses her ability to gain access to the dreams and nightmares of her classmates to gather evidence implicating one of her very own teachers.

After growing up with an alcoholic mother and pretty much taking care of herself, Janie is finally beginning to master her amazing talent. Some of the mysteries and complications of dream catching are revealed when the Captain gives Janie a green notebook belonging to the late Martha Stubins, Dream Catcher. Martha shares both the blessings and the curses of this strange ability. Janie learns more about controlling her gift, but also more about its disastrous effects.

FADE is filled with breath-taking moments of suspense, frustrating moments of anger and fear, and tender moments of emotion. Janie and Cabel learn how important their relationship is and how valuable their help can be to others. Readers will become emotionally invested in the couple and will no doubt find it difficult to stop thinking about them even after the cover is closed.

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