Tuesday, February 3, 2009

STOLEN CAR by Patrick Jones

Danielle can't understand why her mother puts up with Carl. He is the latest in a long string of dad wannabes. He is a drunk without a job, and all he does is hang around their cruddy trailer while her mother works a thankless waitress job to keep food on the table. When Carl begins knocking her mother around, Danielle calls 911, but that only puts a stop to things temporarily.

Danielle's only escape is her best friend Ashley. Ashley's parents always welcome her into their home when things get out of hand in her own. She can count on them to offer hot chocolate and a safe, quiet place to pass the time until it is safe to go back to her rundown trailer in Circle Pines.

Evan who works at Halo Burger and wishes Danielle thought of him as more than just a friend, also keeps an eye on Danielle. His pathetic attempts at humor are his way of covering up the fact that he loves her and wishes that she would look to him for emotional support. Together Evan and Ashley begin to worry when Danielle gets involved with Reid. She's fallen for him before and gotten hurt, but she swears this time it is different and he really cares about her.

STOLEN CAR by Patrick Jones takes one fifteen year old girl starved for love and attention and puts her into the hands of a no-good, red Viper driving, pothead who uses up young girls and throws them away. The multi-layer plot takes readers into Danielle's rocky relationship with her mother, Evan's desire to help his troubled brother Vic, and Ashley's surprisingly mysterious past. Author Patrick Jones knows how to grab his readers on the first page and keep their attention right up until the last word.

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