Sunday, February 8, 2009


Ever since the first PRINCESS DIARIES book I've been a fan. PRINCESS FOREVER is supposedly the last one, but I'm hoping she won't disappear forever.

Many things are happening in Mia's already amazing life. She is about to turn eighteen and graduate from high school. She has been accepted to a slew of terrific colleges, and now she must decide, her father is in the middle of a political battle as he runs for prime minister of Genovia, and it's possible Mia's senior project - a romance novel - might get publish after all. If all that is not enough, there's the upcoming prom and J.P.'s invitation to that prom that comes complete with a diamond promise ring. In typical Mia-style, she writes about all the excitement in her journal.

Many of the loose ends from previous novels are tied up neatly in PRINCESS FOREVER. Mia learns the real story behind her feud with former best friend Lilly, and she's taken totally by surprise when Michael returns from Japan as the famous, young inventor of the CardioArm, an innovative new medical device. Mia continues to champion the cause of her beloved Genovia and comes to appreciate all the years of Grandmere's princess lessons and royal advice.

Meg Cabot has satisfied this reader with her final Princess Mia installment, but as I said earlier, I wouldn't turn down a chance to see how things are going for Mia in the future sometime.

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I've seen the movie, but never read these books.

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