Friday, July 17, 2009

THE BOY BOOK by E. Lockhart

It's the beginning of junior year for Ruby "Roo" Oliver. After a less than satisfactory sophomore year (see THE BOYFRIEND LIST), she's hoping things will get better.

Only a few of her former friends are still talking to her. There's Nora and Meghan, as well as Noel and family friend Angelo, but Roo is still hurting over her ex-best friend Kim's betrayal. She's trying to convince herself that she's gotten over Jackson, however, he seems to find ways to chat, leave her notes, or just be in her space way more than she can handle.

Therapist Dr. Z is helping Roo deal with the "panic things" all of last year's stress created. Most of the time their sessions do help, but there are times when Roo just wants to quit. Those are the times when her parents jump in to be over-supportive. They don't understand her lack of social interaction and always ask annoying questions or make irritating assumptions like her mother's guess that maybe she's a lesbian. She needs everyone to give her some room as she attempts to rebuild her sullied reputation.

THE BOY BOOK is E. Lockhart's sequel to THE BOYFRIEND LIST. Full of Roo's great advice, funny footnotes, and typical teen angst, these books remind me of Louis Rennison and her Georgia Nicholson adventures. Teen girls will find much to relate to and should be thrilled to know that the series now continues with THE TREASURE MAP OF BOYS.

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