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Thanks to the generosity of author Barry Lyga I'm holding another contest. To celebrate the arrival of his latest book, GOTH GIRL RISING, Barry has given signed copies of some of his other books to bloggers and is encouraging us to use them as contest give-aways.

So without further ado, here are the contest guidelines for a signed copy of BOY TOY by Barry Lyga.

+1 - for commenting on my review of Boy Toy (see below).

+2 - for becoming a follower or already being one.

Please leave your email address.

Contest open to U.S. and Canada residents only.

A winner will be chosen in a random drawing on July 20.

BOY TOY by Barry Lyga (previously posted on MySpace)

BOY TOY seems to have stirred up a lot of controversy in the YA book review world. Personally, I'm glad I took the time to read it for myself.

Author Barry Lyga takes readers on an incredible journey into a world that for some, like main character Josh Mendel, is all too real. Josh's life was changed at age twelve when his teacher took the role of educator far beyond the limits of acceptable behavior. Lyga's story does not cut corners or mince words. He is straight-forward and direct in telling Josh's story. His graphic descriptions may have earned him criticism, but they have also made his story a powerful one.

Josh Mendel loves baseball. He is a wiz at math. His best friend Zik seems to be the one with the rocky home life and all the problems, but not for long. Mrs. Evelyn Sherman is the new history teacher recently transferred from the local high school to the middle school. She is drop-dead gorgeous. All the boys probably find it a bit embarrassing to stand up and leave the classroom some days. Josh certainly does. Josh's involvement with Mrs. Sherman begins when she praises his writing and asks him to help her with a project for her graduate class. Honored and excited, Josh is eager to help. Problems at home make staying after school and later actually going home with Mrs. Sherman, a convenience for Josh and his parents. He begins spending more and more time with her even after her project is complete.

At first being in Mrs. Sherman's apartment everyday after school is exciting because Josh gets to play unlimited video games, drink Coke, and hang out with an attentive, beautiful woman. His time in the apartment becomes even more fascinating when Mrs. Sherman begins inviting him to help her cook dinner and sip wine with her. Then kisses begin - tentative and then passionate. The passion moves from petting to full-on sexual experimentation. Josh is addicted.

There are feelings of guilt, but those feelings are out-weighed by the incredible physical pleasure Mrs. Sherman offers. Life is spiraling out of control.The world comes crashing down when Josh finds himself playing spin the bottle with Rachel. He and Rachel have been friends on the baseball field for as long as he can remember, but when Josh's newfound experience turns the innocent teenage game too sexually explicit, Rachel runs screaming to her parents. The "game" is over, and Josh's secret is about to come out in the open.

BOY TOY is not a short romp between the sheets. It is a vivid account of one young boy's experience and his attempt to return to a normal life. Readers will see exactly what went on with Mrs. Sherman, but they will also see deeply into the world of a young man trying to continue with life, make amends to his friends, and make plans for his future. It has a strong, powerful story to tell, and it tells that story well.

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