Sunday, July 4, 2010


Living with your cousin while you finish high school is not easy.  Usually Ryan and Kevin get along just fine, but things have been kind of rocky lately.  Ryan isn't sure why Kevin is suddenly looking the other way when he approaches, and when there is conversation required, Kevin barely utters a word.  The months until school is over are going to be very uncomfortable.  What Ryan doesn't realize is that it's going to more uncomfortable than he can imagine.

Weird things start happening the day his snowboard disappears.  Ryan works at the same ski resort as his cousin.  Ryan works ski patrol while Kevin operates a chair lift.  The two rarely have contact.  One afternoon Ryan leaves his board outside the patrol hut for just a minute, and when he comes out it's gone.  Normally this would be a slight inconvenience, but today it could spell disaster. 

Ryan's one goal in life is to become a professional snowboarder.  Today he is scheduled to try out for a possible snowboarding video.  A well-known producer has invited Ryan and his friend Jamie to show him their stuff, but how's he going to do that without his board.  After a quick search doesn't reveal his missing board, Ryan is shocked when his cousin offers the use of his new board. 

The try out doesn't go as planned, probably because he is using an unfamiliar board.  Shortly after it's over Kevin shows up with Ryan's missing board claiming he simply knew the right people to ask.  This is the beginning of a series of strange and even dangerous events that have Ryan wondering just what the heck is going on. 

BOARDER PATROL is a fast-paced read filled with not only snowboarding action, but also skiing accidents and rescues, competitions, and even duffle bags filled with pot.  Erin Thomas's book should appeal to adventure fans, thrill seekers, and mystery fans. 

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