Saturday, July 24, 2010


Shawna Stone has never really known the real story about the dad she never knew.  All she can remember is moving from place to place as her mother switched from one creepy boyfriend to another.  Lately, home has been Las Vegas.  Her mother has the gambling bug and spends her nights partying and drinking, and her days sleeping it off.

It isn't a complete surprise when Shawna discovers a note, a bus ticket, and $100.  According to the note, Shawna is to take the bus to Sacramento, California, and call someone named Kay Stone.  The note says the woman is her grandmother, and Shawna will be staying with because her mother has decided to head off with her latest boyfriend.

The temptation to stay in Vegas and use the $100 to survive until she finds a job is Shawna's first thought.  Reality sinks in when she remembers the rent is due today, and she knows their landlord won't be happy with a measly 100 bucks.  There's nothing to do but head to the bus station.

After she arrives in California, Shawna can't believe she will be living out in the middle of nowhere on her grandmother's horse farm.  As they bounce along the entrance road, she sees not only horses, but also a flea-bitten dog and a small herd of naked sheep.  It doesn't take long to find out living here will mean daily chores and more rules than she can possibly keep track of.  Returning to Vegas is all Shawna can think about.

SLIDING ON THE EDGE is the story of a young girl struggling with countless issues as she lives with her 60 year old grandmother who has demons of her own.  Together they must find a way to co-exist and maybe even discover the love and trust they have both lost.  Told in alternating chapters that overlap more and more as they begin to connect, this novel is filled with feelings of both pain and hope that given time life can turn around.

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