Thursday, July 1, 2010


Tessa and Noelle had been best friends for as long as either could remember.  They were ripped apart two years ago when Noelle disappeared.  All that was left was her bike abandoned on the sidewalk.  For two years Tessa spent every waking moment thinking about Noelle and missing her.  She carried on but refused to enjoy life without her best friend.

Suddenly life has changed.  Noelle has returned.  Against the predicted odds from law enforcement officials and other similar cases, she escaped her captor.  Tessa can hardly believe it's true.  It's like she can finally live again, too.

Dreams of a joyous reunion and catching up on all they've missed together over two years are all Tessa can think about.  Instead, she discovers her friend is refusing to see her.  Understandable in the beginning, but as the weeks go by, Tessa can't comprehend why Noelle stays hidden away. 

When she finally gains access, she is puzzled by Noelle's reaction.  One of the first things the kidnap victim insists is that she wants to be known as Elle not Noelle, and that's not all that's changed.  Tessa finds out Elle has not been hiding from everyone, but rather sneaking out at night on risky adventures, and the more Tessa observes, the more concerned she becomes.

Loyalty to Elle is complicated by the fact that Tessa has met Max.  At first he was just the new guy and her partner in photography class, but he's different and beginning to fill a special place in Tessa's life.  Elle seems happy for her, but Tessa is torn between enjoying her new relationship and being there for the still emotionally fragile Elle.

Described as "a haunting psychological thriller" THE TENSION OF OPPOSITES is one you will want to get your hands on this summer.  Author Kristina McBride delves into the minds of her characters to illustrate that trauma takes its toll on victims and survivors alike.  Elle may have been the victim of a horrendous kidnapping, but those left behind before her return lived with their own trauma as well.  Even a so-called "happy ending" has its complications, too.  Readers will remember this one long after they turn the final page.

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