Monday, February 14, 2011

THE BODY FINDER by Kimberly Derting

Having inherited her grandmother's unique ability to locate the dead, Violet knows her life will always involve a knowledge most people hope to avoid forever.  She was just a youngster when she discovered the body of young girl buried in the woods.  Before that it had been animals that died of natural causes in the woods or fell victims to predators found in nature.  Soon her talent was tested in ways that were both frightening and dangerous.

Violet has a loving family and a best friend named Jay Heaton who have been there to support her throughout her experiences.  They understand her strange talent and the stress it creates for her. 

Lately, Violet has been having other strange feelings.  They involve a living, breathing person - Jay.  Close friends since childhood, Violet and Jay have spent time together nearly every day.  Recently, Violet has found herself attracted to Jay in a much different way.  She fantasizes about him kissing her and holding her in an embrace not intended for simple friendship.  Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like Jay shares her feelings.

Thoughts of romance are pushed from Violet's mind as she becomes involved in the investigation of several missing girls.  The case soon becomes a murder investigation with Violet attempting to locate the bodies and also the killer.  The images and sensory auras she experiences might provide clues in identifying the person or persons responsible for the abduction and deaths of innocent young girls.

THE BODY FINDER is described as both a mystery and a love story.  Debut author Kimberly Derting has been gaining popularity with this interesting thriller.  Fans will be excited to hear there is a sequel due out February 15 called DESIRES OF THE DEAD.  I was also pleased to see it has a beautiful cover just like her first novel.

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