Sunday, February 27, 2011

CRYER'S CROSS by Lisa McMann

Cryer's Cross, Montana is a sleepy little town that is until two young people disappear.  Everyone joins in the search, but first one teen and then another have disappeared without a trace.

Kendall is a senior in the one room high school at Cryer's Cross.  She's the only girl in her senior class of six.  When one of her classmates disappears, it is shocking, but when the second teen is Nico, her best friend since childhood, Kendall is paralyzed with grief and fear.

As the days and then weeks pass, Kendall tries to lose herself in her farm chores and attempts to make friends with two new students.  Having a chronic case of OCD doesn't help matters.  Driven by her obsessive mind to organize her world, she uses soccer workouts to keep her thoughts busy and focused on something other than her missing friend.

Kendall pushes aside her OCD long enough to sit in Nico's empty school desk.  Thinking it will help her feel closer to him, she is surprised that despite her attention to detail she has missed a bit of old student graffiti carved into the aging desk.  She interprets the "please save me" carving as a message from Nico, and it begins to consume her life.

Author Lisa McMann known for her popular WAKE series has created another sure hit.  CRYER'S CROSS has just the right amount of suspense, creepiness, and mystery to capture the interest of most readers.  This one won't stay on the shelf long enough to gather any dust.

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