Saturday, February 26, 2011

DELIRIUM by Lauren Oliver

DELIRIUM by Lauren Oliver is another one of those frightening dystopian novels where the government dictates what is best for everyone.  This time the authorities have determined that deliria (love) is a disease and must be eliminated.

Lena is counting down the days until she receives the cure.  The cure is administered when a young person reaches the age of eighteen.  She is eagerly awaiting the time that she can put aside her fear of deliria and focus on her future career and the mate chosen for her by the authorities.

Part of Lena's fear comes from the knowledge that her mother was never cured.  Because the woman professed to not believe in the cure, it never worked.  After the third failed attempt to administer it, she ended her own life to escape the torture.

As the anticipated time approaches, strange things begin to happen.  Lena's evaluation is interrupted by the unusual appearance of a herd of cattle, and her closest friend begins to encourage Lena to participate in dangerous, risky behavior.  Lena is also tempted by a mysterious young man who seems to be showing up in the most unexpected places.  Just when she thinks life should be getting simpler, Lena's fear of deliria looms larger than ever.

Author Lauren Oliver takes our fear of governmental control to a new level.  Readers will find themselves turning pages as fast as possible to find out how much control Lena is willing to relinquish as she searches for a life free of fear.

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