Wednesday, February 1, 2012


POWERSLIDE by Jeff Ross has a little something for everyone.  It begins with some hardcore skateboarding with tons of tricks and skater lingo.  A few chapters in the story turns into a survival adventure and will keep readers tuned in until the very last page.

Casey has a chance to be a stunt-double in an upcoming skate movie.  Not really interested in going off to college with some of his other friends, he sees the opportunity as a way to keep doing what he loves to do and make a little money besides.

Goat, an acquaintance of Casey's, is jealous of Casey's skateboarding success.  He thinks he has what it takes to be a stunt-double.  Goat challenges Casey to a competition to prove who has the most skill.  What follows are crazy stunts some of which involve illegal trespassing and threats of near fatal physical injuries.

POWERSLIDE is from the Orca Sports high interest/low level series.

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Anonymous said...

Can someone describe the settings in this story?
(Time and Place)