Thursday, February 9, 2012


NetGalley ARC
Release date: December 13, 2011

Steven's life changed the day Becky walked into his algebra class.  He was fascinated, but he was sure she was way out of his league.  However, she might just be the girl to get him out of his shell and into the high school social scene.

Steven lived with his dad and spent most of his time skating by in school and working on random construction projects with his friend Carlos Perez.  The work earned him some decent money, enough that he was able to restore an old motorcycle that gave him some independence and a fairly cool look.

The real adventure begins when Becky approaches Steven after school and asks for a ride home.  Having her behind him on the motorbike with her arms around him is a feeling Steven doesn't ever want to end.  Her house is in a nice neighborhood which is a bit intimidating, but when she assures Steven that no one is home, he begins to relax. 

Heading to the front door, Becky is concerned that the family dog hasn't appeared with his usual friendly greeting.  She insists that Steven needs to help her locate the missing dog.  It doesn't take long to find the animal at the the far reaches of the backyard.  His attention is focused on some object he has gripped in his jaws.  As Steven approaches, he is stunned to see that the dog is gnawing on a human arm.

What follows is an amateur investigation that leads Steven and his friend Carlos into some hair-raising situations.  Becky may not really be who she says she is, an evil man named Pa adds an element of danger to the mix, and Steven finds himself skipping school and lying to his father for the first time in his life.

Greg Logsted is the author of several other books for teens and young adults.  He takes his readers into a world filled with typical teenage behavior and at the same time, he puts his characters into highly charged, action-packed scenarios that are sure to hold even the attention of reluctant readers.

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