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STARTERS by Lissa Price

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Release date: March 13, 2012

After the Spore Wars the only people left were the children and the elderly.  The children and teens are known as Starters.  Some of them still have family if they are lucky enough to have grandparents or elderly aunts or uncles will claim them, but most young people are classified as unclaimed minors.

The elderly range in age from 80 to 200 years old.  They have returned to the work force to keep the world running.  In fact, the young people are not allowed to work in order to assure there is enough work for the elderly known as Enders.

A new organization called Prime Destinations is marketing a new form of entertainment for the Enders.  Prime has developed a procedure that allows Enders to "rent" the body of a Starter and enjoy the young life once again.

The Starters undergo a brain operation to implant a special chip and agree to be used for three rentals.  The reward is the payment of a health sum of money or the promise of a house.  Having a house for her little brother is what convinces Callie to become part of the Prime program.  She thinks her three short rentals will allow her to give her sick brother a safe place to live.

What Callie didn't expect was for her Ender renter to begin "talking" to her during the rental.  The voice she hears belongs to Helena, and the elderly woman claims to know about some very frightening aspects of Prime Destinations' plans for the future.  She wants to use Callie to murder a Senator she insists is responsible for the disappearance of her granddaughter.  Callie knows the Enders aren't to be trusted, but Helena seems so sure about the danger facing the Starters.

Author Lissa Price has created an amazing future world.  In her future only the young and the elderly were given the vaccine to prevent infection from the deadly spores.  Imagining a world without parents might appeal to some readers, but when they experience this world through Price's characters, they will no doubt change their minds.  Price will also surprise her readers with her depiction of the mild-mannered elderly becoming wild and risk-taking when they take over the bodies of the young.  STARTERS is definitely a must-read!

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