Sunday, May 19, 2013

IF YOU FIND ME by Emily Murdoch

Excellent book!  Ok, that said, here's a summary. 

Carey and her little sister Jenessa captured my heart by the end of the first chapter.  Raised by their bipolar mother in the deep woods of Tennessee, the sisters have learned to fend for themselves even when their mother disappeared for weeks at a time in search of her meth suppliers.

Carey vaguely remembers being told that running off to live in a hidden camper in the woods was the only way to protect them from an their abusive father, but something doesn't add up.  When the man claiming to be their father arrives at their hidden camp to take the girls back with him, Carey fears the worst, but since their mother has been gone for the longest time ever, she knows their survival may depend on this man.

Even though life away from the woods terrifies Carey, she knows it is better for Jenessa.  Their father's new wife seems to love Jenessa and provides both of them with everything they need.  Despite her fears, Carey begins to get comfortable, however, along with comfort comes an increasing nervousness as she thinks about the secrets she still has not revealed about their life in the woods. 

IF YOU FIND ME is at once heartbreaking and inspiring as author Emily Murdoch reveals the tragic life of Carey and Jenessa and their rescue by a loving father.  This one was hard to put down, and the story will haunt readers long after the last page.

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