Thursday, May 30, 2013

THOUSAND WORDS by Jennifer Brown

THOUSAND WORDS by Jennifer Brown should be made available to every teen!  Misuse of cell phones for sexting and bullying is an ever-growing problem.  What begins as a joke or something intended as a personal message for one individual can easily mushroom into an out-of-control situation that ends in ruined reputations and more.

Ashleigh has just finished her sophomore year and is hoping to spend a great summer with her boyfriend Kaleb who will be headed off to college in the fall.  While at a party, Ashleigh hears a suggestion from a friend that she should text Kaleb a sexy picture so he can be reminded of her when he is away at college.  Having had just enough alcohol to compromise her inhibitions, Ashleigh locks herself in the bathroom, removes her bikini, and takes a nude photo of herself, then hits send on her phone.

Unfortunately, Ashleigh's relationship with Kaleb deteriorates once he hits the college campus, and after a few unpleasant long distance arguments, Kaleb breaks up with her.  Bad feelings escalate and Kaleb is responsible for spreading Ashleigh's image via texts and emails.  The resulting chaos not only ruins Ashleigh's reputation, but also threatens her relationship with her parents and even her father's job.

Once again Jennifer Brown handles an extremely sensitive subject in the perfect way.  Her message is hard-hitting and will speak to any teen who picks up THOUSAND WORDS.  Ashleigh learns a difficult lesson and suffers realistic consequences that deliver an important message about an ever-increasing problem with modern technology.

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