Monday, May 27, 2013

LIFE AFTER THEFT by Aprilynne Pike

Moving to Santa Monica is the last thing Jeff wanted to do.  A new school and new friends are not easy to deal with, and Jeff finds them especially challenging.  When the first person he meets is has been dead for more than a year, he isn't sure he is up for the challenge.

Kimberlee died in a drowning accident.  Her life was filled with privilege most can only dream about, but despite her easy life, she made choices that didn't exactly make her popular among her classmates at a private school called Whitestone. 

Jeff meets Kimberlee on his first day at Whitestone.  Totally unsure of himself in this private school, wearing an uncomfortable uniform for the first time in his life, it takes Jeff some time to realize that the hot-looking girl who begins talking to him is actually a ghost.  She finally convinces him he is the only one who can see and hear her.  She then explains that she needs his help.

Kimberlee reveals that for years before her untimely death, she had been stealing.  She stole anything and everything from friends and from stores simply for the challenge and the thrill she felt afterward.  Now Kimberlee finds herself unable to pass on to wherever it is she is supposed to go after her death, and she believes if Jeff could help her return the stolen items, she might be able to rest in peace.

When Jeff reluctantly agrees to help her, he doesn't realize what he is in for.  A visit to an ocean side cave reveals stacks of boxes filled with the hundreds of items Kimberlee has stolen.  What follows is a crazy adventure involving anonymously returning stolen merchandise without getting caught.  Will Jeff manage to help Kimberlee without getting into trouble himself?  Will she learn her lesson and find peace in the afterlife?

Author Aprilynne Pike has concocted a unique, action-packed ghost story unlike any most readers have experienced.  Filled with typical self-involved high school students, a tough principal, annoying teachers, and one bitchy ghost, LIFE AFTER THEFT is a fun read guaranteed to provide entertainment around the pool this summer.

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