Friday, June 28, 2013

CLAWS by Will Weaver

Jed is living the good life - nice house, loving parents, two sisters off at college.  He is doing well on the tennis team, has a great girl friend, and is getting decent grades.  Everything is fantastic until a girl with pink hair presents him with information that causes his perfect world to crumble.

According to this girl who identifies herself as Gertrude, her mother and Jed's father are having an affair.  Gertrude insists that Jed must approach his father about the issue and make him end the relationship. 

Jed can barely digest the information much less confront his father, but he begins to notice things about his parents' interactions that might hint that all is not well in their marriage.  With increasing threats from Gertrude, Jed arranges to have some time alone with his father and the truth is revealed.  That's when all hell breaks loose.

Knowledge of his father's affair and the potential destruction of his parents' marriage, Jed's school performance suffers, his temper flairs, his own relationships fall apart, and the only person he can turn to is the girl with pink hair.  He learns she doesn't really have pink hair and her name is Laura and she is just as terrified about the future as he is. 

A quote by Anton Chekhov on the cover reads "Life will sooner or later show its claws."  Readers will experience the truth of this statement as Jed and Laura attempt to hold their lives together.  Author Will Weaver presents a story that may not end with rainbows and roses, but will certainly leave readers with much to think about after they turn the last page.

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