Saturday, June 15, 2013

OyMG by Amy Fellner Dominy

Thank you to author Amy Fellner Dominy for kindly sending me a copy of OyMG.  Girls looking for a fun summer read should head to the bookstore or library in search of a copy ASAP.

Ellie Taylor has a chance to make her dream come true.  She has snagged a coveted spot at the CSSPA summer camp.  CSSPA stands for Christian Society Speech and Performing Arts.  Ellie's dream is to attend the camp and win the top spot in the oratory portion of the final tournament where the prize is a full-paid scholarship to Benedict's, the top speech high school in the country.

Although her family is supportive of her oratory dreams, they can't afford the pricey tuition required to attend the prestigious high school.  Ellie isn't really worried though because she is confident that she has the speaking talent to win the tournament, and on the first day of camp, she discovers an added bonus, Devon Yeats. 

Devon is the grandson of the scholarship sponsor, the wealthy Doris Yeats.   As soon as Ellie gazes into his piercing blue eyes, she experiences what her friend calls the "sizzle."  Not only is Devon the grandson of the person awarding the scholarship Ellie wants so badly, but he is also proving to be her biggest competition.

An unexpected complication arises when Ellie is asked to fill out paperwork required for the scholarship.  The form has a blank asking for her religious affiliation.  She knows that Benedict's is a Christian school, but she can't believe the fact that she is Jewish could be a problem.  When Devon explains that his grandmother hates Jews, Ellie realizes she must decide between her dream and family pride.

OyMG is a fast, fun read.  Readers will fall in love with Ellie and root for her success.  They will also appreciate the tough decisions she must make and the potential sacrifices those decisions require.  Thanks again to Amy Fellner Dominy for providing a copy for me to review and share with other readers.     

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