Tuesday, June 25, 2013

FULL IMPACT by Suzanne Weyn

Norval is one of several Southside High football players hoping to attract the attention of the college scouts.  If the scouts are interested, the scholarships that follow will guarantee college educations that would otherwise be almost impossible for the teens and their families to finance. 

When Norval's friend and fellow player Arnie begins acting weird both on the field and off, he finds himself in an awkward position.  Coach wants Norval to "spy" on Arnie and report any suspect behavior.  The constant headaches and missed plays have Coach worried that Arnie is suffering the side effects of a concussion.  But Norval doesn't believe it is his responsibility to rat out his friend.

As Arnie's symptoms and behavior worsen, Norval struggles with his concern about his friend and interfering with Arnie's dream of not only a college scholarship, but also the chance at a pro-football career. 

In this fast-paced read, author Suzanne Weyn explores the growing medical concerns about head injuries and the long-term consequences for young football players.  Teen readers will be entertained and also educated if they choose to read FULL IMPACT.

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