Sunday, October 20, 2013

BANG by Lisa McMann

Jules is returning to school for the first time since she saved the day and the life of her boy friend Sawyer.  Her internal injuries are healing and her arm is still in a cast, but the visions that got her into the mess are thankfully gone.  Another positive is now that Sawyer knows how she feels about him, he has revealed he feels the same way about her.  It seems that all the drama is over. 

Although she may be grounded, she is able to be with Sawyer when they are at school, and with her brother Trey's help, she might be able to figure out other ways to be with the guy she now realizes she loves.  If she can avoid her crazy father and work hard in the family restaurant, she may be able to regain her parents' trust and life just might return to normal.

Normal doesn't last long when Sawyer admits to Jules that he is now experiencing a vision that involves several gunmen and a school shooting.  Why is Sawyer now having these frightening visions?  What could it mean and will Jules be able to help him?  When things start getting out of control, Jules and Sawyer accept Trey's help as they try to figure out exactly when and where this new tragedy will unfold.  They are determined to stop it or at least warn someone in time to lessen the destruction Sawyer sees predicted in his vision.

Author Lisa McMann continues her Visions series with BANG.  The action is immediate and intense just as readers have come to expect from McMann.  This fast-paced read won't disappoint.

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