Friday, October 18, 2013


According to Ezra Faulkner, everyone will experience a tragedy that will forever shape the rest of their lives.  In other words, an event that will be "the beginning of everything."

In the first few pages he tells of the tragedy that shaped the young life of his childhood best friend Toby.  Although, their friendship lost some of its closeness after the event, Ezra still admired his friend's ability to carry on after the horrific incident.

Ezra, an excellent tennis player and ok student, about to wrap up his junior year by taking his hot girl friend to the prom, almost loses everything when he is severely injured in an accident with a hit-and-run driver.  Now permanently sidelined from tennis, he is walking with a cane and trying to pick up the pieces of his life. 

Surprising things begin to happen when Ezra meets Cassidy.  She is different than the other girls in his circle of friends, but since those folks have pretty much abandoned him, he decides it's time for a change.  He begins hanging out with his old friend Toby again as well as this new girl Cassidy and their fellow members of the debate team.  Will these people turn things around for Ezra or will his world be turned upside down just when he thinks he has started living again?

THE BEGINNING OF EVERYTHING by Robyn Schneider is a must read.  Both guys and girls can relate to Ezra and his determination to put his life back together again.

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