Sunday, October 27, 2013


Cherry is happy with her life.  She is proud of her work at Burrito Barn because she rolls the perfect burrito every time.  School is not really Cherry's thing, but she is getting through it and plans to graduate even if she isn't planning on continuing her education by going to college like her father wants.  Recently, her longtime boy friend proposed and she accepted.  She knows her life won't be exciting, but there's nothing wrong with predictable and secure.

All that secure predictability changes on the day that she saves the life of a famous movie star.  When Ardelia Deen begins choking on a piece of meat from her Burrito Barn burrito, Cherry leaps into action and performs the Heimlich maneuver saving the life of the star. 

The next thing Cherry knows she is being invited to crazy parties, meeting other movie stars, and being offered a job.  That job is to help select the lucky woman whose womb will carry the baby of Ardelia Deen.  For some reason Ardelia believes Cherry has a special talent as a kind of advisor like no one else surrounding the famous star.

Will Cherry's sudden catapult into the world of Hollywood change her simple down home nature?  Will the temptations of parties with unlimited supplies of drugs and alcohol and handsome, sexy actors make Cherry forget those who really matter?

Author John M. Cusick captures the world of the rich and famous to a tee.  Readers wanting glitz, glamour, and romance are sure to be attracted to this book.

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