Sunday, November 3, 2013

CONFESSIONS: THE PRIVATE SCHOOL MURDERS by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro

Teen detective, Tandy Angel, solved her first case when she proved that she and her siblings were innocent in the mysterious murders of their mother and father.  Now she is on to her next case.

After the horrible ordeal involving her parents' deaths, Tandy finds herself deep in another case.  This time it is her older brother who has been accused of brutally murdering his girl friend and their unborn child.  Tandy knows the anger her brother is capable of showing, but she is convinced that he is innocent of the crime that has him behind bars.

As Tandy and her siblings attempt to get used to a new live-in guardian, a man named Jacob, who says he is a step-uncle of sorts, Tandy gets down to business trying to find the proof that will save her brother.  As if she isn't busy enough trying to keep up in school and focus on her new detective career, the apartment building they call home is infested with poisonous snakes and spiders.  Everyone is in a panic as pest control experts scour the building to find the source of the problem.  Naturally, Tandy's detective skills lead her to the thought-to-be-vacated apartment where the creatures are living.  Despite the frightening scene she discovers there, her discovery serves to validate her talent for investigation and problem solving.

Another complication that derails Tandy's focus on her brother's trial is the murder of several private school girls.  The crimes took place in a nearby park, and since the girls are about the same age as Tandy, her natural instinct is to start work on solving that case as well.  Police detective Caputo thinks she should keep her nose out of police business, but when she once again discovers the answer everyone else has been missing, he has to give credit where credit is due.  Tandy is on a roll, but the case she wants to solve even more than her brother's is still eluding her.

Author James Patterson joins forces with Maxine Paetro to continue the Confessions series.  If you haven't already checked out their first novel, CONFESSIONS OF A MURDER SUSPECT, get to your library or bookstore today!

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