Saturday, November 16, 2013

ASYLUM by Madeleine Roux

Dan Crawford was ready for a change, and the special summer college prep program at New Hampshire College seemed like the perfect thing.  He loved his adoptive parents, but at sixteen he needed to put some distance between himself and his loving parents as well as his sometimes not so caring high school acquaintances.  Dan signed up for the five week program never dreaming what was in store for him and the new friends he would meet.

New Hampshire College campus was quaint and exactly how Dan had pictured it from reading the program literature.  There was one unexpected change though.  The normal student dormitories were under renovation so Dan and the other students enrolled in the summer program would be staying in Brookline, a former mental hospital.  Dan's first reaction as a history buff, was that this was pretty cool, but the situation began to become bizarre on his very first day there.

After hearing his roommate talk about the old, unused office of Brookline's former warden, Dan and two of his new friends decided to explore.  The three young people found the abandoned office area was filthy and decaying, but they pushed on into the inner recesses of the old asylum.  One room lead to another and then down into lower levels that revealed the true evils of Brookline's past.

Both Dan and his new friend Abby discover strange connections to the asylum's warden and past patients.  Dan is captivate by the fact that he shares the name of the long gone warden, and Abby learns that her aunt was once a patient.  As the two begin to research their finds, they uncover much more than they bargained for, some of which may even threaten their very lives.

Author Madeleine Roux takes readers into the inner workings of an old psychiatric hospital.  Be ready to meet an evil doctor experimenting on his patients, a psycho serial killer, and other unfortunate characters connected to the old institution local residents would like to see destroyed forever.  The creepiness factor of the story is doubled by the inclusion of old photos that illustrate the patients and their surroundings.

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