Wednesday, November 20, 2013


It's been four years since Francesca's little brother Simon drowned.  It was an afternoon at the beach when the tragedy changed her family's world.  The guilt Francesca feels has changed her relationship with her mother and changed her normally outgoing personality.

With summer beginning Francesca knows her friend Lisette will be expecting her to hang out, but Francesca knows things will be uncomfortable since she has a secret crush on Lisette's boy friend.  To complicate matters, Francesca is fairly certain that her father is having an affair with a woman who lives across the street.  She knows that following the death of her brother, her father's affair is the last thing her fragile mother needs.

One afternoon Francesca follows the neighbor woman to the local country club sure that her father is planning to meet the woman there.  She doesn't see her father, but she does meet a little four year old boy named Frankie.  To her surprise, several days later, she has a job as a mother's helper watching over the active young boy. 

As the summer passes, Frankie and Francesca become inseparable.  Frankie's behavior and often random comments seem so much like Francesca's little brother that she begins to believe he may be the reincarnation of Simon.  When her feelings about Frankie collide with family and friend problems, Francesca has more than she can handle.  Can she deal with the powerful emotions that threaten to overwhelm her or will this confusing summer end up helping her put her life back together?

Author Gae Polisner explores love and loss and the reality that life goes on.  THE SUMMER OF LETTING GO is the inspirational story of one girl's attempt to make sense of heartbreaking tragedy.  Be sure to watch for its release in March of 2014.

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