Monday, November 18, 2013

THE NATURALS by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Jennifer Lynn Barnes' newest offering is perfect for YA readers who are also fans of popular TV shows like Criminal Minds.  In THE NATURALS teens are gifted profilers and are recruited to work with the FBI to train and work on cold cases.

Cassie is one of those naturally gifted with the ability to read personalities and motivations of almost any one she meets.  When she is approached to join the program, she sees it as an opportunity to find the answers to her own mother's mysterious murder.  Raised by caring relatives since she was twelve, Cassie has always sought closure in the violent death of her loved one.  Having been the first person to stumble into the bloody dressing room scene of her mother's death, Cassie's vivid memories of past have haunted her.  Now maybe she can discover the answers to her mother's untimely end.

Cassie joins Michael, Dean, Lia, and Sloane at a secluded house near FBI headquarters in Virginia.  Several special agents are in charge of grooming the talented teens as future crime fighters.  Along with the others, Cassie practices and sharpens her skills in mock crime situations hoping to become involved with cold cases the FBI has been unable to crack. 

As the teens work on their skill development, the FBI agents respond to new crime scenes that seem to be ever increasing and becoming suspiciously closer to resembling the details Cassie's mother's murder.  It is becoming easier and easier for Cassie to visualize the profile of the killer.  Is her mother's killer now focused on her life?

THE NATURALS promises to be the first in a new suspenseful crime series aimed at a YA audience.  I am eagerly awaiting Cassie's next adventure.

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