Thursday, December 26, 2013

GOING VINTAGE by Lindsey Leavitt

After hearing Lindsey Leavitt speak at the ALAN conference, I headed to B&N to order this one.  The light-hearted humor I heard in her author talk comes through in GOING VINTAGE loud and clear.  I will definitely be checking out her other books soon.

Making lists gives Mallory special pleasure.  Now that she has broken up with her boy friend Jeremy, many of her lists focus on strategies to show him a thing or two.  The breakup involved her finding out that Jeremy had a "cyberwife" on a social networking game called Authentic Life.  A little online investigating reveals hundreds of emails between Jeremy and his avatar "wife."  Mallory decides it's something she can't tolerate.

Mallory's fascination with all things vintage helps take her mind off her failed relationship.  At the same time she stumbles across a list her grandmother made back in the 60's while she was in high school.  Mallory is determined to give up modern technology and focus on trying to complete her grandmother's list.  That's how operation 1960's begins and also how Mallory discovers another unexpected relationship and many other interesting things about herself.

Leavitt has created a cast of unique, quirky characters and combined them with the challenge of giving up the technology that drives our modern day lives.  Mallory's story is filled with humor as well as a dose of reality for those of us more focused on our gadgets than on our relationships.

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