Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Some of the most popular TV programming today involves reality shows of one kind or another.  REALITY BOY is about one boy's experience as part of one those all too familiar "English nanny to the rescue" shows.

Gerald Faust was five years old when his family was featured on the show.  His dysfunctional family included a work-a-holic father, an emotionally distraught mother, and two older sisters.  Gerald's eldest sister was an undiagnosed psychopath who literally tried to kill Gerald and his other sister on numerous occasions.  The fake English nanny whose job was to sweep in and change the family dynamic, did more to damage the situation than repair it.

As a tormented and helpless five year old, Gerald retaliated by depositing piles of poop in random places whenever the pressure of family and show got to be too much.  He became known as the Crapper, a nickname that followed him into high school where his disturbed mother forced the school to qualify him for special education services.  Gerald views the safety of the SPED room as he calls it and the job he has working concessions at the local hockey arena as the only places he is free of his terrifying sister and complacent parents.

When Gerald finally works up the nerve to speak with a co-worker named Hannah, he discovers that he isn't the only one with a dysfunctional family.  At first neither of them are willing to reveal their crazy home lives, but as they become more comfortable, the truth comes out.  Together they may be able to conquer their fears and overcome the negative influences of their crazy families.

Author A.S. King has put together another winner.  Readers will immediately connect with Gerald and root for him and Hannah.  What could have been a life of tragedy and failure, becomes an inspiring story of how to beat the odds and take control of one's own destiny.

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