Wednesday, December 4, 2013

SICK by Tom Leveen


A comment on the back of this book mentions that it is a cross between the Breakfast Club and the Walking Dead.  That should be enough to grab the attention of most teen readers and maybe even some adults.

High school is tough enough without adding a mysterious virus that infects some of the students and staff turning them into zombies.  The remaining students take cover wherever possible hoping to be rescued.  It only takes a short time for it to become apparent that it isn't just the school that is affected.  The strange illness is causing chaos everywhere leaving the students to fend for themselves for the foreseeable future.

Brian, usually focused on how he can manage to cut class with his buddies and hang out anywhere besides school, finds himself stuck in the drama wing of the building with a bunch of theater geeks.  Once he helps to secure their safety, he turns his energy to finding out where his younger sister and his recent ex-girl friend are.  He can't believe that his little sister managed to survive leukemia several years ago only to face this bizarre situation.

The few remaining students arm themselves with theater props and power tools to battle the zombies intent on snacking on their bone marrow.  Can they survive long enough to be rescued?  Will Brian be able to find his loved ones and get them to safety?

SICK joins the ranks of recent zombie novels, but author Tom Leveen puts his own personal touch on the details and turns it into a real page-turner.  The ending suggests there will be a sequel which makes this reviewer happy.

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