Wednesday, January 1, 2014

SAR: POWDERHOUNDS by Heather Kellerhals-Stewart

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Winter sports fans or anyone looking for edge-of-your-seat adventure will want to give SAR: POWDERHOUNDS a try.

SAR/Search and Rescue team members get a real workout when two young skiers turn up missing in the middle of some horrible weather.  Luc and Cass pass on the chance to come in off the slopes as bad weather threatens.  They choose to leave the patrolled runs and take a less traveled but more scenic path to the ski lodge.  Blowing snow prevents them from seeing an important turn off, and they find themselves lost and in trouble. 

Chic and his older brother Josh are part of the rescue team that hear the report of the missing skiers.  Chic has been training for the team for quite some time, but this is his first rescue mission.  The group heads to the area where the skiers where last seen and attempt to pick up their trail.  Little do they know that Cass suffered a broken arm and Luc has tried to start down the treacherous Suicide Scarp to get her help. 

Author Heather Kellerhals-Stewart captures the danger and daring of the young rescue team willing to risk their own lives to help even the most foolhardy risk takers.  Readers will feel the bone-chilling cold and the whipping wind and snow as they follow the stories of both the missing skiers and the team sent to find them.

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