Sunday, January 5, 2014

SEE JANE RUN by Hannah Jayne

Riley feels her parents are way too overprotective.  Most Saturday nights she ends up alone in her room or watching old black & white movies sitting between her parents on the couch because they won't let her go out with friends.  With college in her near future, she is trying to get their permission to go on an overnight trip to tour a nearby university.  Hopefully, the fact that her father graduated from there years ago and the trip is sponsored by her high school will convince them that the trip is safe enough for their little girl.

In the midst of begging for her parents approval and planning for the trip, Riley stumbles across a puzzling mystery.  When she and her best friend Shelby do a little snooping through some packing boxes in her parents' room, Riley discovers the birth certificate for a girl named Jane.  The birth certificate inspires Shelby to create various scenarios involving Riley having been kidnapped from her biological parents or that this mystery girl is Riley's long lost sister.  Whatever is going on, Riley is determined to find some answers.

When Internet searches, a visit to the hospital where the girl was born, and scouring through files in the city records department don't turn up any clues, Riley's frustration level rises.  Because her searching has involved breaking some of her parents strict rules and even hanging out with one of the town's "bad" boys, Riley's parents finally confront her with some startling information.  At that point Riley isn't sure who to believe.

SEE JANE RUN by Hannah Jayne is a true thriller.  There are definitely enough plot twists and turns to interest even the pickiest of readers.

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