Monday, January 6, 2014


ENEMY TERRITORY by Sharon E. McKay artfully presents man's struggle to identify with other cultures and recognize that despite our differences, we are the same.  In choosing two cultures that have historically been at odds, McKay illustrates her point and hopefully leaves readers with a lot to think about.

Sam is Jewish and lives in Israel.  Yusuf is a Palestinian teen currently in a Jerusalem hospital for complications from an eye injury.  The two become uncomfortable roommates.  The tension is obvious as each boy attempts to visit with relatives the day before they undergo their procedures.

What follows is an unlikely friendship between the two teens.  Both confused by the misconceptions each have of the other's culture, their communication begins with taunts and jabs.  However, when they decide to sneak out of the hospital to go to a well-known candy store in the Old City, they each experience the true nature of their people.  Once revealed, this provides a fresh outlook that should be inspiration for all of us to set aside our differences and accept people for who they are, not simply for where they live.

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