Sunday, April 27, 2014

NOGGIN by John Corey Whaley

NogginAfter being diagnosed with leukemia, undergoing multiple rounds of chemo therapy, and surviving an unsuccessful bone marrow transplant, Travis Coates is ready to be done with it all.  When presented with an unusual opportunity, Travis and his parents agree to an unprecedented procedure.  Travis will have his head removed and preserved until it can be reattached to a donor body.  Travis doesn't have much hope for the procedure, but he does know he is tired of fighting to survive.

NOGGIN begins five years after Travis's procedure.  Science has advanced faster than anyone predicted, and doctors have successfully reattached Travis's head to the body of another sixteen year old who died of a brain tumor.  Now Travis must return to a life he left five years ago, although it feels like he has only been gone for mere days.

Some of the changes Travis must adjust to are returning to high school as a sophomore with classmates who were still in grade school when he left.  His best friend Kyle is now in college, and his girl friend Cate is engaged to someone else.  Determined not to let the changes stop him, Travis tries to resume living where he left off, but can he convince all those he left behind that they should have waited for his return.

Author John Corey Whaley takes on medical technology that doesn't really seem all that impossible.  Readers will feel Travis's frustrations and at the same time sympathize with those who struggled to carry on during his absence.  NOGGIN addresses the human issues that surround potentially cutting- edge future technology.

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