Tuesday, September 23, 2014


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Eric will be the first to admit that living in Dust, Texas, isn't exactly exciting, but that is about to change. 

Life for Eric is not the greatest.  As a target for every bully in Dust, Eric is fairly miserable.  The fact that he claims to see phantoms of some kind have earned him the nickname Crazy Train. 

Eric may finally have found a friend when a new kid in town, Kyle, comes to his defense.  Not used to having someone stand up for him, Eric is inspired enough by Kyle's display of friendship to confide in him.  When Kyle accepts Eric's talk of phantoms and even seems interested in investigating the phenomenon, Eric is cautious yet thrilled. 

What follows is the beginning of an incredible adventure.  The two friends start by researching the mysterious mass deaths of some early townspeople of Dust and end up traveling to what might be described as another dimension.  It might help explain Eric's visions, but it might also be more dangerous than they can imagine.

Author Shea Norwood sends readers on an adventure as they follow Eric and Kyle.  VANISHED FROM DUST is book #1 of what promises to be a popular series for middle grade and YA readers.  Norwood paints a vivid picture of Eric's visions and provides enough action to grab and capture her readers' interest.

This reviewer gives VANISHED FROM DUST 4 stars.

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