Friday, November 28, 2014

DONUT DAYS by Lara Zielin

Donut DaysWhat do you get when you combine Crispy Dream donuts, the Living Word Redeemer church, and a Harley motorcycle gang?  You get a fast-paced story about a cheeky teen named Emma who is on a soul-searching mission to find where she fits in her family, her church, and her community.

Both of Emma's parents are pastors at the Living Word Redeemer church, and for as long as she can remember, she just hasn't fit in.  When everyone else is having visions and speaking in tongues, she is sitting on the sidelines wondering when God is going to speak to her. 

When the science teacher presents the unit on evolution, Emma doesn't jump up to protest like several of her classmates from the church.  Instead, she wants to listen and learn and compare the facts to what she hears her parents preach.  She also wants to warn her best friend Nat about the guy she wants to date, even though Nat tells her she needs to mind her own business. 

Emma knows there is a controversy brewing in the church, but her parents don't seem willing to share the details.  Since they are busy with church business, Emma decides to use her time trying to win a scholarship offered by a new local business.  Crispy Dream Donuts is opening a new store in the area, and in addition to other amazing prizes, they are offering a college scholarship to the young journalist who writes the best article for the local newspaper.  Emma sees the opportunity as a way to earn acceptance to the college of her choice rather than the Christian college her parents have said they want her to attend.

Torn between her parents troubles and her desire to win the scholarship, Emma camps out at the donut camp in the days before the grand opening.  Her experience not only broadens her view of what faith means to some people, but also helps her develop a deeper understanding of just what might be her future path in life.  From crooked businessmen to born again bikers, Emma observes a cross-section of humanity that renews her faith and brings her closer to her family than ever before.

Author Lara Zielin's character Emma is sure to capture the hearts of readers.  Zielin's novel speaks to the questions we all have about right and wrong and our place in the universe.  DONUT DAYS provides an entertaining story with a positive message for readers.

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