Thursday, January 1, 2015

HOME BEFORE DARK by Sue Ellen Bridgers

Product DetailsI was asked to read this 1976 release a while ago and just finished it.  Although, it is an older book, I believe the story stands the test of time.  Set in rural and small town North Carolina, readers are transported to a tobacco farm with a cast of characters who share their joys and tragedies.

Stella is fourteen and traveling with her family back to her father's childhood home.  They have been living out of a battered, old station wagon for as long as Stella can remember.  Her father has been finding work following the crops while she has been helping her mother take care of her younger siblings.  For the first time she is facing a stable life and a real home.

The story involves simple pleasures, a first love, and getting to know a caring aunt and hardworking uncle.  Author Sue Ellen Bridgers takes readers into the minds and thoughts of a variety of characters as they interact with Stella.  Challenges are met, hearts are broken, and memories are made as Stella learns the true meaning of home and family.  Overall, I'm glad I had a chance to read this one and will definitely share it with others.

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