Saturday, January 10, 2015

ON A CLEAR DAY by Walter Dean Myers

On a Clear DayAuthor Walter Dean Myers will be greatly missed in the YA world.  Well-known for taking his readers into the often rough, inner city lives of his teen characters, Myers goes into the future, 2035 to be exact, in one of the final stories he shared with his fans.  In ON A CLEAR DAY Myers shows how a group of seven teens sets out to make a difference in their economically segregated future world.

The C-8 is a group made up of 8 huge worldwide companies that control the world's wealth and wield power over all.  As a result of this domination, society is divided into the haves and the have nots.  Those fortunate enough live in gated communities safe from the Sturmers who are hired to terrorize the general population.

Dahlia, a computer genius, has been recruited to join six other young people who are determined to find a way to overthrow the C-8 and allow countries to take power back into their own control.  Using clever thinking and high-tech strategies, the group plans their attack, but along the way, they must learn to trust and cooperate with each other as well as deal with a terrifying warlord named Sayeed.

ON A CLEAR DAY has a little something for everyone.  Myers incorporated a varied cast of characters and plenty of action to keep readers turning pages.  It is a fitting final offering from a great YA writer.

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