Sunday, March 29, 2015


My Heart and Other Black HolesI don't know about you, but if I heard of a website titled Smooth Passages, I would think I'd be looking at a site for some vacation cruise package.  I would certainly be in for a surprise if I clicked to open that site.

Sixteen year old Aysel isn't interested in going on a cruise.  She wants to commit suicide and Smooth Passages is a website designed to support the desires of those considering suicide as the only answer to whatever problems plague their lives.  Aysel is particularly interested in the area of the site devoted to "suicide partners."

When Aysel connects with Roman (screen name FrozenRobot), she is sure she has found a kindred soul.  With Roman by her side, she will be able to follow through on what she believes is the only way to cope with her greatest fear.  Roman is trying to escape the massive guilt he feels over his young sister's tragic death.  Aysel's need for escape revolves around the fear that she has inherited whatever darkness made her father snap and brutally murder a local teen.

Together, the two teens set a date and method to end their lives, but perhaps finding each other could provide a final spark of hope that might have at least one of them rethinking their plans.

Debut author Jasmine Warga has created a story illustrating the power of guilt.  Her characters are rich and real, and readers are sure to connect with the intense emotions that pack the pages of MY HEART AND OTHER BLACK HOLES.  I can't wait to see what Warga writes next.

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