Friday, March 6, 2015


No Parking at the End TimesAbigail and her brother Aaron can't believe they are living in the family van.  Their parents, totally devoted members of a church led by a man known as Brother John, have sold everything and handed their money over to the church leader.  According to Brother John, those who are true believers will soon be ascending to heaven to take their rightful place with God.

Selling their house and traveling across the country to San Francisco started out as an adventure, but now that they are eating in church soup kitchens, wearing the same clothes day after day, and sleeping crammed in their van, Abigail and Aaron have completely lost faith in the religious promises their parents still cling to.  Abigail wants to continue supporting their parents, but Aaron insists that their father and mother have lost touch with reality.  He is sneaking out of the van at night and going who knows where and doing who knows what.  Abigail fears the worst.

One night she follows Aaron and discovers he has been hanging out with other homeless teens.  He reveals that he has a plan to escape their parents' craziness and head back home to North Carolina.  The plan excites Abigail, but she isn't convinced that they should leave their parents behind.  Will she follow her brother or will Brother John be able to draw her back to the fold and the misguided belief that the rapture is imminent?

NO PARKING AT THE END TIMES is the first novel by author Bryan Bliss.  Taking a look at a family caught up in zealous religious belief will be a new adventure for many teens, but one that will definitely resonate with some.  Bliss explores the powerful influence the promise of religious salvation can have over people.  Kudos to Bliss for tackling this unique subject.

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