Sunday, May 17, 2015

BIRD BOX by Josh Malerman

Bird BoxA few days ago I had the pleasure of attending a reading of this book by the author, Josh Malerman and his fiancée.  As a result of hearing the a passage from the book and listening to this enthusiastic author, I purchased a copy of BIRD BOX and began reading it the same night.  Now I'll attempt to write a review that I hope will encourage readers to head to their local library or bookstore to get their hands on a copy for themselves.

The world has become a frightening place.  There are creatures lurking that can cause instant insanity.  The only way to prevent it is to avoid looking at the creatures. 

The few who have managed to survive live in constant fear of seeing the creatures.  Windows are covered with wood or blankets and blindfolds must be worn by anyone who attempts to leave the protection of their homes.  One survivor named Malorie witnessed the insanity when her sister saw one of the creatures.  One look at the creature had Malorie's sister plunging a pair of scissors into her own chest. 

Soon after her sister's death, Malorie makes the decision to risk leaving the house to seek the help of others.  Dealing with an unplanned pregnancy complicates an already difficult situation as Malorie takes a few meager supplies, dons her blindfold, and heads out in search of other survivors.  She makes it safely to a house sheltering a small group of people.  She joins them and quickly becomes close to several members of the group.  But as supplies begin to run low, decisions must be made about trips into the outside world to search for the things they need to survive.  Each moment outside the house causes danger and risk for everyone.

Author Josh Malerman's descriptive prose takes readers into this terrifying new version of the world.  Readers will learn of the past and present as Malorie struggles to protect herself and those who depend on her for survival.  Malerman's intense storytelling is sure to emotionally grab readers and not turn them loose until long after the story ends. 

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