Sunday, October 25, 2015

DUMPLIN' by Julie Murphy

The Miss Teen Blue Bonnet beauty contest has been a part of Clover City, Texas, and the life of Willowdean Dickson for as long as most people can remember.  Being the daughter of a former Miss Teen Blue Bonnet winner/contest organizer, Willowdean is surrounded by frantic contest preparation once every year, but you can bet your last dollar, Willowdean herself stays as far removed as possible.

Generally, a confident, independent teen, Willowdean has one insecurity - her weight.  Her great best friend, Ellen, and her job as cashier at Harpy's burger joint keep Willowdean busy. 

She does miss her Aunt Lucy who died nearly a year ago.  Lucy lived with Willowdean and her mom.  Lucy and Willowdean's mother were huge Dolly Parton fans.  Dolly's music played nonstop in their home, and Lucy's room was crammed with Dolly merchandise collected through the years.  Willowdean counted on Lucy as a buffer when it came to dealing with her pageant obsessed mother. 

When a handsome, new employee begins working at Harpy's, Willowdean's world is turned upsidedown.  Bo seems inexplicably interested in Willowdean.  How could he be attracted to a fat girl in an unattractive, polyester fast food uniform?  The kiss they share behind the restaurant dumpster has Willowdean reeling, and the craziness continues when she decides to enter her mother's beauty contest.  What was she thinking?

Author of SIDE EFFECTS MAY VARY, Julie Murphy, takes readers on another interesting journey.  Her main character, Willowdean, is a refreshingly smart, courageous heroine sure to connect with girls dreaming of relationships and adventures they aren't sure they deserve.  Willowdean proves that everyone deserves the best and can find exactly that if they stay true to themselves.

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